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It is pretty simple really, furnished rentals are like bringing your home wherever you go. You get to stay in someone else's home, with all of the amenities and conveniences you would expect to find in a private home, but for you to use exclusively during your stay. Hotel's always have that feeling of mass production, every hotel room is exactly like every other hotel room. With furnished rentals, you have the chance to choose accommodations that suit not only your personal design tastes but also that more comfortably fits the group that you are travelling with.

Need a small one bedroom for just you or you and your travelling companion? Choose from our large selection of condos and townhouses. Everything from a quiet one bedroom outside the city core to a penthouse with a spectacular view of the mountains and ocean. Perhaps you are travelling with more and need something with more substantial space. Furnished rentals in Vancouver feature everything from 3 bedroom houses all the way up to palatial mansions in neighbourhoods like North Vancouver and Lions Bay.

You can also rent one of our furnished rentals with confidence as with a hotel, you have our entire staff at your disposal. While everything is thought of before you arrive, should you need something during your stay, simply call our guest services line and we would be happy to work quickly to solve whatever issues you are having. We are here to help you, whatever the need. In order to begin your stay with the utmost comfort, we also provide you with a personal greeter who meets you at the property and helps you to familiarize yourself with how the property is laid out, how the electronic items function and where you can find the items you will need during your stay.

Find the ideal accommodations and level of comfort what you are looking for on your next visit to Vancouver. Find it in Yaletown.

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